Know These Things About Search Engines

Know These Things About Search Engines

SEO Agency explains in this blog about how search engines work. They are the best SEO agency in the USA and will work with you for search engine optimization.

The history of search engines:

These days, everyone uses search engines numerous times a day. But previously, the internet looked a lot different than what it is today. The first search engine to ever come into existence was Archie. Alan Emtage created it in 1990. Archie didn’t have the indexing capability of the text files. Another search engine, Gopher, that came after Archie in 1991, had this capacity for the first time. After a lot of development, Larry Page and Sergey Brin first launched Google on Stanford University’s network in August 1996. On 4th September 1998, Google became a corporate company.

SEO Agency says that Google receives more than 5 billion searches everyday. To show you the results, it crawls through trillions of web pages in the matter of a second. They crawl the web through bots called ‘spiders’. These web crawlers add new content to the search index. They do this by searching through trillions of links through pages.

Why is it important to know how search engines work?

If you are an online business, or if you own a website, you want it to rank good in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Our expert SEO Agency believes that you should understand the depth of search engines and SEO for proper optimization of your website. You must try your level best to appear right on the first page of the results. If you end up on the second or third page, you won’t be able to receive traffic. But keeping in mind so much information is difficult for any individual. That’s why SEO Agency is here for you! We will help you rank right on the top results.

The steps of search engine algorithm:

SEO Agency has listed down the steps about how search engines deliver results, in short. If you are starting to understand, this is a good place for you!


The web crawlers find the public information available on the internet. We also call them ‘engine spiders’. They can through the internet and find the web servers that host the websites. Then, through these servers, they visit the websites.

They find out the format of the web page, that is whether it is javascript, HTML or CSS, etc. They also look through the images, text and the entire content of the page. They can also visit other websites through internal linking or backlinks.

According to SEO Agency, this step is important for you as you have to optimize your website so that crawlers can access it easily.


Indexing sorts the information that crawlers give. It also stores the information for processing. This process stores the details like date of updating, description, title, keywords, links, etc.

Your web pages need to be in the index of the search engine to appear in the search results.


This is the final step in the entire process of search. When the user types a query, the words are called keywords. The search engine breaks down these keywords. Then it looks for matching pages. After using some techniques, it ranks the search results.

In Conclusion:

We have shared with you a short detail of search engines which is important for your website. For full guidance in good ranking for your website, you must contact our expert SEO agency. Our team of professionals are always here for you and will show you the right direction!

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